Fall 2017

Celebrations & Traditions


The Fall Trip will mark our 20th exchange! In recognition of these milestones, and our continued journey of weaving threads that connect us all, our theme this year will be looking at Celebrations and Traditions around the world.

No matter where we live in the world, we celebrate. We celebrate birth and birthdays. We celebrate changes in our lives and rites of passage- teenage years, graduations, retirement, and key milestones. We celebrate achievements- in academics, in sports, at work. We celebrate holidays- national, religious, and earth honoring. We celebrate thanks giving. We celebrate the joining of lives in marriage and the parting of lives in death.

When we celebrate…

  • We gather together

  • We eat and drink

  • We decorate- ourselves, our homes, our streets and cities

  • We play music

  • We dance

  • We use fire- lights, candles, lanterns


Essential Questions:

What and when do you celebrate?

Why do we celebrate?

How do we celebrate?

What celebrations are an important part of US culture?

What celebrations and festivals do other countries have that we do not?

What are traditions and rituals that surround holidays and festivals?

What do celebrations around the world have in common?

How do calendars influence holidays?

How are symbols created and used in celebration and traditions?

What if your favorite celebration and why? What are the sights, sounds, food, and traditions surrounding this celebration?


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