Water: Love Blue


We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.

– Jacques Cousteau

While Planet Earth is over 70% water, only 3% of this is fresh water. Nearly everything we are connected to, and that sustains life, is connected to water.


1)   Raise awareness on how limited and precious fresh water is.

2)   Deepen students understanding of how the health of our waters, impacts the health of our eco systems and ourselves.

3)   Inspire about the power of nature to influence positively when it is in balance.

4)   Create cross-cultural positive messages to share with others to love, and protect, blue.


Essential Questions:

  • Where is water on Earth?
  • How much of that water is fresh?
  • What are the many uses and needs for fresh water for our needs and all living beings?
  • Where and what is the source of your drinking water?
  • How does the health of the oceans impact our lives?
  • What are the challenges and threats the ocean is currently facing?
  • How can we create images that inspire others with our knowledge to love and protect water bodies?


Inspiration from Nature on balance and creating Hope Spots. 

How Whales Change Climate

How Wolves Shape Rivers

Mission Blue- Slyvia Earle's Hope Spots





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