spring 2017


Trees & Forests of the World



Trees & Forests of the World Gallery


Our spring focus always turns to the natural world, and our interconnectedness to the environment. This year, for the first time, we explore the Trees & Forests of the World, and how the stories of trees are also connected to our story.


Forests cover 31% of Earth’s terrestrial area, which is the equivalent of over 4 billion hectares of land coverage. This composes half of Earth’s 867 eco-regions, providing the critical role of carbon sequestration, ecosystem services, and provision of habitat. It is estimated that from 7.7%-10 are protected, leaving the remaining areas in threat of deforestation for charcoal, unsustainable agriculture, road development for access to mining and development, as well as urbanization.

We believe, the preservation of natural places begins with a love and connectedness to the beauty of the trees and forests, and recognition of the valuable role they play in our eco systems, lives and well being. We will share beautiful images of the diversity of forests of the world- boreal, temperate, and subtropical/tropical. Students will create art of trees or forests related to their regional ecosystems.


Essential Questions:

What is the structure of trees and how they eat & drink?

What is the life cycle of a tree? How can we tell their stories?

What are the different kinds of forests?

How do forests vary around the world?

What are the benefits of trees and forests in our world?

How are we impacting the forests?

What are the challenges facing global forests?

What choices can we make to positively impact forests?

What might we learn from nature?