Citizens of Earth

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away." -Picasso

We all share this beautiful blue and green planet, orbiting around the sun. In the first exchange of the year, we look at our shared humanity, by exploring with each student their gifts they bring to us all. It is the beginning of an experiential learning journey that expands our sense and experience of the world- students, teachers, parents and volunteers alike- while building our empathy and fortifying compassion for all living beings. 

By looking within, students share the beauty of their uniqueness, and the value you they each give to the circle of life. By sharing this through artwork with students in Ghana, a comparative context is created, which affords a deeper exploration of similarities and differences, with a result of a deepened sense of shared humanity. Previous participants have shared a variety of ways in which they feel more like compassionate citizens of the world, after participating in CIH exchanges. They can be grouped in these ways: 


I am special, proud, honored- not everybody gets this chance. It feels great, and is a privilege, to be a citizen of the world. 

"It has made me a better person and I feel good inside in a new way. It feels great to make changes in the world." -Gavin, 4th grader


I feel connected to others, interconnected, intertwined, a part of something bigger with the ability to communicate, work together and interact. 

"It makes the world a lot smaller and it makes me feel like I can help anyone no matter how far away they are." - Andrew, 7th grader

Action Oriented

I care for self and community, want to help others, make the world a better place, be grateful, and contribute. 

"To be able to explore the world and give back to others and to make the world a better and healthier planet." - Karla, 7th grader


Their role, and sense of place among other cultures. They learn they can, even as children, be part of the solutions and changes they want to see in the world. 

"Participating in CIH definitely made me feel like a global citizen because I am helping others globally to see our perspective and learn from each other." -Kate, 5th grader


It feels great to be a citizen of the world. I feel caring, kind, and helpful. 

"We're like family because we all live in the same world and we care about each oher." Isabella, 2nd grader

"It has given me the right to show love and care." -Jonathon, 7th grader

What does it mean to you to be a citizen of the Earth? How do our actions impact others, locally and globally? What does the world you want to create for future generations to thrive look like? 

Join us for the journey this year in an exploration of heart and interconnectedness to our planet.