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Making a world of difference through

Providing Access to Clean Water

We consider clean drinking water to be a human right. The challenge of access to clean water is an environmental theme that we continue to educate youth about. After learning about this growing global issue, and a deepened compassion for those in need, we wanted to create the opportunity for compassionate action, and create a pathway for meaningful impact.

We have identified two villages in the Volta Region, where we work, which have over 1,2000 residents combined. Many pervious models have been unsuccessful in getting clean water, including a bored hole that pumped brackish water unsafe to drink. In the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018, water filters were shared with families providing a temporary solution. We have begun a cross-cultural, multi-discipline collaboration for a long-term solution: piping water in to a single gathering spot in two villages.



Phase 2 - water filters & Buckets

We've met our first goal! Phase 2 will bring water to more families with 50 additional water filters and buckets

Goal $2,500

*See our progress in the gallery below!*


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Bore Hole pump

Installing a pump on the bore hole at E.P. Primary Ho-Bankoe, will bring water to 565 students and their teachers. Goal: $2,000

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Phase 3 - Pipeline to Dorkplorame

This pipeline will provide 550 people with clean water at just $20 per person for polytank, PVC pipes and installation. Goal: $11,800