Volunteer Opportunities

For our first four years, we were entirely driven by the generosity of volunteers. While we have a small team now, volunteers still fuel our mission and enable us to widen our circles and bridge cultures.

When I started as a volunteer, I will admit, I thought we were doing this to help those sweet children in Africa. What I didn’t realize was the extent of growth opportunity for our children here. I have no doubt the seeds of love, compassion, and understandings that are planted now will blossom in the years to come.
— Laurie Amerson
I’m thankful for the important things that we learned about our students during each opening circle. That process of making space- by holding hands and connecting our hearts to the cause- was incredibly powerful. I love that it gives each and every student the chance to be heard.
— Erin Andrews
I must say that the experience was electrifying and has touched my soul like few other experiences I have had in my photography and travel ventures. The children and the environment turned into a photographers dream of capturing happiness, joy, excitement and the deep inner souls of kids who had so little material world but had so much to share in the inner world of soul and spirit, it was a breath of fresh air.
— Steve Chinn
CIH has developed a simple formula, a basic exchange between cultures and classrooms. But add the impact of film and the integrity of the organization and its volunteers and you have a revolutionary grassroots campaign that imbues the hearts and minds of future generations with a personal understanding of global connectedness.
— Ann McGinley

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