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Our Impact

The difference we can make.


Since 2008, Children Inspiring Hope has connected over 6,000 students in Canada, Ghana, West Africa, and the United States. We have collaborated with over 225 educators in more than 35 schools, and built lasting relationships in the communities in which we work.

The reach of our work expands outside the classroom as students create and participate in service projects that better countless lives in Ghana and beyond.


Impact stories


In our almost 10 years of operation, we have been inspired by the efforts of the students we work with.

It is humbling and profound to see the impact these young people can make on the lives of others.

These efforts are compassion in action, and allow schools and students to take their deepened understanding and work toward sustainable change. By active engagement and generosity, they are empowered as global citizens who can, and do, make a difference.








schools across two continents


empowered, global citizens


I will remember the impact on my life from CIH that most. This made me think differently on the world and now act towards the world.
— Lane, 7th grader
Every time I watched the video and talked about them my heart grew 3x bigger.
— Davis, 4th grade
I will remember seeing their smiles. Seeing their happy face just make me feel so good inside. I love to see how much the kids in Ghana treasure what we made.
— Jenna, 5th grader
I will remember how connected I felt seeing them hold something I did.
— Tim, 7th grader
I feel that everyone is now connected to me in some way.
— Daniel, 5th grader

Global Citizens

I would say that this has really helped me feel like I have a purpose in others lives.
— Cameron, 7th grade
It really makes me feel like a global citizen because it’s not every day you get to make a friend with someone half way across the world.
— Annika, 7th grader
I feel powerful and happy that I am a global citizen.
— Lauren, 4th grader
Being a global citizen means I can help other when they need it. I can also inspire others, and set and example.
— Katherine, 4th grader

Earth Stewards

I see now that recycling isn’t enough. I realize we just can’t say, “I will do something better for the environment,” I have to go and do it.
— Lily, 7th grader
This has changed my views by making me realize we ned to make a much better decision on how we treat the Earth.
— Dominik, 5th grader
It has changed my actions. Since I learned how long it takes plastic to fall apart, I am going to try to not use it a lot or throw it away.
— Mika, 5th grader.

Make an Impact